Torus Power Selected for 'World's Best Audio System 2012'

by ct_acoustic_frontier July 06, 2022

Torus Power products, specifically the WM100 BAL and the RM20 AVR have been selected by Jeff Fritz of Soundstage Network for the 2012 edition of the World's Best Audio Systems. Here's what Jeff had to say:

"When I learned of Torus Power and their power-conditioning products, I was intrigued. The company is a subsidiary of Plitron, which makes some of the best toroidal power transformers in the world — they know about all aspects of power. Their WM100 BAL on-wall, transformer-based power conditioner is like your own personal power station — a fundamental approach to the problem of dirty power that makes most other conditioners seem like Band-Aids. I write this just hours after installing the WM100 in my Music Vault listening room, and I can tell you that it is one serious piece of machinery. Of course, we’re also using the RM 20 AVR for the source components — overkill for sure, but this is TWBAS . . . so why not? The choice of Torus products was a foundational step in assembling TWBAS 2012. If you’re going all out, look to these guys at the start of your personal process, no matter how ambitious a system you’re assembling."

Torus Power WM100 BALJeff Fritz of Soundstage Network with the Torus Power WM100 BAL

Torus Power products are essentially large transformers that electrically isolate your AV equipment from the outside powerline. The audible benefits are in soundstage precision, instrumental clarity, bass articulation and bass impact. Isolation transformers are actually able to supply higher instantaneous currents than the wall outlet because electrical energy is stored in the magnetic field of the transformer. It is essentially a new power supply, which because it is located close to your components, has low impedance and therefore the ability to rapidly supply current for the peak demand of your amplifiers.

The WM100 BAL is a wall mount 100A capacity unit that takes 240V input (two 120V phases, the same type of power supply that tumble dryers and electric ranges get in your home) and converts it to 120V output. The BALancing process causes any electrical noise that is common to both phases to be cancelled during the conversion to 120V. The RM20 AVR is a rack mount component style 20A capacity unit that includes Automatic Voltage Regulation. This keeps the output at a constant 120V for a range of input voltages from 85V to 140V.

Torus Power products are only available from authorized dealers like Acoustic Frontiers, so please contact us with any questions or to arrange a demo of our RM15 unit!



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