Datasat Pre-Pros (LS10 & RS20i)

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Simply put: Datasat's pre-pros turn your home theater into a cinema.

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The RS20i

Datasat's RS20i is their flagship processor. The RS20i comes as standard with 16 output channels, and can support up to 24 output channels when the available 8 channel output board is added. Dirac Live room correction and Dolby Atmos / DTS.X decoding is included as standard. Auro can be added as an option.

Relative to the lower price LS10, it gains ability to support crossovers for active speakers (e.g. bi-or tri-amped LCRs) and channel routing. The RS20i is not as installation "friendly" as the LS10, given that it uses DB25 output connectors and does not have IR control (only RS232 and IP). It also offers digital output, for those who have amplifiers that can accept an AES input signal. With these differences, the RS20i is more of a niche offering than the LS10.

The LS10

The LS10 is a slightly stripped down version of Datasat's RS20i processor. Audio quality is identical (i.e. superb), but it loses some DSP functionality, in particular the ability for active speaker crossovers and channel routing.

The LS10 is more installation "friendly" than the RS20i, due to IR control interface and XLR connectors. For most, this will be all the processor they need. Now available with Atmos / DTS.X, Auro and Dirac Live room correction technology. 

Dirac Live

Dirac Live is our preferred "full bandwidth" room correction system, due to it's ability to improve room acoustics, freely adjustable target curve and the fact that it does not impose itself negatively on the sound like some room correction systems.

Acoustic Frontiers offers remote set-up and Dirac Live calibration services for Datasat's LS10 and RS20i. We have attended factory training and own Datasat's Dirac Live calibration kit.


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