DEQX Pre-Amp Processors (HDP-Express II / PreMATE / PreMATE+ / HDP-5)

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One of the few high quality DSP pre-amp options on the market that provide room correction and subwoofer crossover functionality.

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About the product


The DEQX HDP-Express II / PreMATE / PreMATE+ / HDP-5 are digital pre-amplifiers with speaker / room correction processor and digital crossover functionality. We're listing them together due to their functional similarities, and for easier comparison of their differences.

Here's a partial list of what these Swiss army knife processors can do:

  • Speaker correction - measure and correct the frequency response, group delay and phase anomalies of your loudspeakers using DEQX's unique linear phase filters
  • Room correction - measure your room and implement up to 10 bands of real time controllable digital parametric EQ with selectable frequency, bandwidth and gain
  • Digital crossover - use the crossover functionality to add subwoofer(s) to your existing speakers with selectable crossover filter types, slopes, time delay and level gain/cut
  • Recording equalization - implement up to 3 bands of real time EQ using the remote control
  • Digital pre-amplifier - with 4 digital and 2 analog inputs as well as volume control, all accessible via the remote control, the processor can act as a full function pre-amplifier and directly connect to your power amps

    Which DEQX should I get?

    The HDP-Express II is the entry level DEQX and uses a switching power supply, has unbalanced outputs and standard quality internal components. Supports a three-way output configuration.

    The PreMATE / PreMATE+ and HDP-5 use upgraded power supplies, have balanced outputs, a higher quality front panel and offer audiophile quality internal components. 

    The difference between the PreMATE / PreMATE+ and HDP-5 are the number of outputs. The PreMATE / PreMATE+ supports a two-way output configuration and the HDP-5 support a three-way output configuration.

    The only current difference between the PreMATE+ / HDP-5 and PreMATE is the front panel touch screen interface.

    The PreMATE+ / HDP-5 are Roon Ready.

    In the box

    • DEQX Processor with XS-1 USB Audio card installed
    • DEQX Calibration Software (runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 including 64 bit operating systems)
    • Remote Control
    • Standard Calibration Kit including calibrated Dayton Audio EMM-6 microphone, microphone and USB cables

    After sales support

    Acoustic Frontiers offers a FREE webinar with the processor purchase that teaches you how to use the powerful DEQX calibration software. We are experts in acoustic measurement and have helped many clients get the best from the DEQX powered systems. The user manual is comprehensive but does not cover some key things about speaker measurements and how to apply speaker correction in enough detail. We also provide FREE support via email and phone if and when you have questions that need answering. Finally we also offer a paid-for guided expert setup of the processor if you'd prefer us to do it all. Whatever support you need, we are there to help!

    Microphone options

    A calibration kit, containing the microphone and cables is included. The made-in-USA Earthworks M23 is available as an upgrade. You can use your own measurement microphone with the DEQX though please note that the DEQX Calibration Software uses a proprietary format for the microphone calibration data. You will not be able to import a standard microphone calibration file. Acoustic Frontiers offers a $249 service for Earthworks measurement mics only that will turn your electronic calibration file into the DEQX proprietary format. We also have a generic calibration file for the Behringer ECM8000. This is not as accurate as the calibration file provided with the processor as it is based on an average of a sample of 10 mics. Please contact us for further details on the above.

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