Xilica XP Series DSP Processors (XP-2040, XP-4080, XP8080)


Powerful audio DSP processor that "get's out of the way" - it sounds good, has plenty of power and works well in many different settings.

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About the product


Designed and engineered in Canada, the Xilica XP provides a comprehensive set of digital signal processing (DSP) functionality based on 24 bit / 96Hz converters and 40 bit floating point algorithms. Available DSP routines include IIR crossover filters, parametric EQ, graphic EQ, delays, levels, matrix mixing and polarity. The result is best in class audio and DSP performance. 

Available in three configurations:

  • XP2040 - two XLR inputs, four XLR outputs
  • XP4080 - four XLR inputs, eight XLR outputs
  • XP8080 - eight inputs, eight outputs, IO on phoenix connectors

We often use the XP2040 for management of multiple subwoofers; it can also be used to manage a two channel active speaker. The XP4080 and XP8080 are more commonly deployed in home theaters; for example to create a de-correlated signal to an additional pair of side surrounds by matrix mixing the side and rear surround signals.

Experience has proven that the XP series of processors offer low noise (important when a DSP processor is used to manage an active speaker), high audio quality and resilience to interfacing (e.g. consumer / professional voltage levels and RCA/XLR converters on input / outputs).

The Xilica processors offer the following DSP capabilities:

  • Matrix Mixer - any input to any output
  • Crossover - 2 for each input and output, from 6-48dB/Oct with choice of Bessel, Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley types
  • Flexible EQ - 8 band for each input and output with choice of parametric, high shelf. low shelf and phase correction. Per EQ bypass
  • Graphic EQ - 31 band, 1/3rd octave EQ for each input with global bypass
  • Gain per input and output
  • Mute per input and output
  • Polarity per input and output
  • Delays - up to 640ms per input and output


      • 24bit 96kHz converters with internal 40 bit DSP
      • Setup via front panel controls or via XConsole software which runs on both Windows (PC) and OSX (Mac)
      • 1u rack mount chassis
      • 2 year warranty

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