Protect Your Investment In Your Audio/Video Equipment With Electrical Power Products From Environmental Potentials

Few think of the potential impact of electrical surges, powerline noise, power outages, and over/under voltage conditions when installing audio/video equipment. Environmental Potentials products work behind the scenes to protect your investment no matter what happens with the electrical grid.

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What Is Environmental Potentials All About?

Environmental Potentials is an engineering-led company that manufactures a complete power optimization SYSTEM for your home right here in the USA. They go beyond all other manufacturers operating in this space by offering whole-home surge protection and ground filtration IN ADDITION to the usual power strips and component power conditioners.

Another unique thing about Environmental Potentials products for the home is that they leverage the same core technologies used in their commercial and industrial products, namely their patented Waveform Correction technology. This non-sacrificial technology not only offers surge protection that does not rely on the quality of the safety ground but uniquely cleanses the electrical waveform from disturbances originating both inside and outside your home.

The Environmental Potentials SYSTEM incorporates the following products. We recommend applying all their technologies for the best results!

  • EP2050EE whole house surge protectors, using their patented Waveform Correction technology.
  • EP2750 and EP2775 ground filters that FULLY isolate your audio/video equipment from noise on the ground wire - other power conditioners only filter live and neutral, leaving the ground as a straight-through, unfiltered connection.
  • EP-DIGISTRIP and EP-HPS powerstrip and rack mount power conditioners offer additional high-frequency noise filtering and outlet-to-outlet isolation.

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