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Home Theater Amplifiers

Functions Of Home Theater Amplifiers

Home theater power amplifiers act as the interface between sources and speakers - they take the low voltage at the output of the source and amplify it to the levels required to drive speakers.

One amplifier channel is required per speaker, so a common 9.1.6 setup with 15 speakers would require 15 amplifier channels. Subwoofers are generally powered via their own internal amplifiers. 

Most Audio Video Receivers (AVRs) include at least 7 internal channels of amplification, so less amplifier channels are required than in systems with a pre-processor, where power amplifiers are needed for all channels.

What We Look For In Home Theater Amplifiers

Enough power to drive moderate sensitivity speakers (90dB / 2.83v@1m) to cinematic sound pressure levels. We've found that 80W/Ch for LCRs / surrounds and 50W/Ch for tops are sufficient for our typical home theaters. Lower sensitivity speakers and/or large home theaters will require more amplifier power.

Great sound quality. We prefer amps that offer a clean window to the sound and a neutral to slightly warm sonic signature. There are many poor-quality amplifiers that don’t meet their power specifications and reduce resolution because of poor signal-to-noise performance.

A form factor that works in equipment racks. The amplifier should have dedicated rack mounts and should not be more than ~20" deep to fit in a standard 24" deep rack while allowing cable clearance to rear.


  • Extensive knowledge of what acoustic treatment products are available on the market and their efficacy
  • Expertise in designing custom acoustic treatments such as tuned bass traps, hybrid absorber/diffusers, and 1D/2D diffusers


  • When and how to use absorbers, diffusers, hybrid absorber/diffusers, and bass traps in the context of an acoustic treatment design.
  • What acoustic treatments will and will not be effective at dealing with particular acoustic issues.

Functions Of Acoustic Treatment


Our go-to absorber is a bonded polyester product made in NZ from recycled water bottles. It’s available in depths from 1”-4” and does not contain any toxic Formaldehyde binders like many fiberglass-based panels. We custom process this material to meet each project’s unique needs. It does not require a fabric wrap or finish layer and can be used nude, affixed to a wall or ceiling.


Our go-to diffuser is custom-made for us here in the USA. It’s a spline interpolation of a 2D QRD, with a smaller than usual 12”x12” sizing. Typical 24”x24” diffusers are too large to be the best tools to use to control reflections in most residential spaces because they are excessively large compared to the size of the reflection area.


In our experience, metal plate absorbers are one of the best acoustic treatment options for room mode control. These products employ a steel plate that is damped by an absorber. They absorb through a combination of mechanisms, including mass/air resonance, plate mode resonance, and diffraction. We know how to design these to target specific frequencies, how many, and where to place them within a room for best results. We build these to order in our California facility to meet the specific needs of each client project.

Creating A System You Love Shouldn't Be Difficult

With Acoustic Frontiers, all it takes is 4 simple steps.



We'll take the time to understand your unique needs and goals to customize our approach to designing the best audio experience for you.



This is where the magic happens and what really makes Acoustic Frontiers stand out. Every room is different, and we’ll account for all the elements that impact audio performance in your space to ensure you get the best performing system for your budget.



We’ll make the installation process as painless as possible and carefully calibrate your system to optimize performance.



You deserve the best, and now you’ve got it. Put on your favorite movie or album, or create your next track because the system you wanted is yours to enjoy.



This guide teaches you everything you need to know to get the
best bass possible from your system.

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“Thank you, Acoustic Frontiers! My system is no longer there. I can close my eyes, and the music just flows from another dimension!”

Mr. Lowe, Dallas, TX.

“I’m enjoying the system you did for me so much. It’s just incredible. It’s like listening to my music for the first time!”

Mr. Hart, Carmel Highlands, CA.

“The Raw Audio/Video is off the charts fantastic, I could not imagine any improvement at all.”

Lon G, NY.

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