Auralex Geofusor



Economical diffusion without negative sonic colorations.

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About the product

Product Description

The Auralex Geofusor is an economical geometric style diffuser that scatters sound in a horizontal and vertical direction. 

In listening rooms, home theaters or home recording studios, where listeners are sat close to diffusers, Acoustic Frontiers recommends geometric diffusion or amplitude grating diffusers over QRDs. Use of these types of diffusion creates a clean and spacious sound without the "phasey" effects of quadratic residue diffuser (QRDs).

We like to arrange the Geofusor in a checquerboard pattern with either bare surfaces or absorption depending on the desired acoustical result.

Technical Specification

  • Geometric diffuser
  • Thermoformed plastic construction
  • White
  • Available in two sizes, 1' x 1' (11 ¾” x 11 ¾”x 4.25”) and 2' x 2' (23 ¾” x 23 ¾”x 4.5”)

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