Jensen Transformers XLR Signal Isolation Transformer (PI-XX / PI-2XX)



If you need an isolation transformer to solve ground loops, these are the ones to use!

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About the product


Jensen Transformers are the "gold standard" in isolation transformers, with a very wide frequency response and extremely low phase distortion. They incorporate Nickel-Iron-Molybdenum alloy cores for extremely low distortion and use Faraday shielded windings for maximum R.F. interference rejection.

Technical Specification

  • Primary application: Ground isolation for balanced XLR connections
  • Common-mode ground noise rejection of 95 dB at 60 Hz
  • Wide bandwidth: -3 dB at 0.25 Hz and 50 kHz
  • Less than 2° phase deviation at 20 Hz
  • Plug and play easy to use – no power required
  • Line input transformer, use no more than 3' of cable after transformer
  • 1 year product warranty / 20 year transformer warranty

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