Sony HD Projectors (VPL-HW45ES, VPL-HW65ES)


Solid entry level projectors, with great light output and superb color accuracy.

Availability: Northern California only

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About the product


Sony's entry level projectors are quite wonderful. They put out a very natural, color accurate, picture and they offer plenty of light output.

The VPL-HW45ES and VPL-HW65ES are quite similar in many regards, being based on the same chassis, imaging chip and optics. They are both rated at 1800 lumens, which translates into about 1500 post calibration. The 45ES has a very limited set of calibration controls relative to the 65ES, which can make a getting perfect greyscale challenging. The 65ES also has a dynamic iris ("Dynamic Lamp Control" in Sony parlance) which improves perceived contrast ratio.

Zoom, focus and lens shift are all manual, so these projectors work best with a 16:9 screen. For a while we matched these Sony PJs with a Lumagen 2020 video processor to allow for constant image height projection on a 2.35:1 screen, but unfortunately that processor has been discontinued, and the new Lumagen processors are much more expensive.


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