Sony 4K UHD Lamp Projectors (VPL-VW365ES, VPL-VW675ES)

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True 4K projectors that offer a truly natural looking image with great image quality and brightness.

Availability: Northern California only

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Sony's step up 4K UHD projectors are still pretty much the only game in town when it comes to true 4K rather than faux-4K (JVC, Epson). Like all Sony projectors, they have great light output, with calibrated values close to spec sheet. Color accuracy is superb out of the box, and they offer a very natural and unprocessed picture.

The VPL-VW365ES and VPL-VW675ES are quite similar in many regards, being based on the same chassis, imaging chip and optics.

  • 675ES has a slightly more powerful lamp, providing 1800 lumens to the 1500 delivered by the 365ES.
  • 675ES has a dyamic iris, which boosts perceived contrast over the 365ES.
  • Both projectors offer HDR10, but only the 675ES supports the HLG HDR standard (Hybrid Log Gamma)...but to be honest this isn't really relevant for US consumers, as it's a European broadcast standard that has yet to be adopted here
The critical difference between the two is that only the 675ES has a lens memory feature, where multiple zoom, shift and focus positions are stored and can be recalled from a single button press on the remote. Only Sony can answer why they decided to limit the 365ES in this way, but it means that the 365ES is not the right choice for those wanting to deploy constant image height 2.35:1 aspect ratio projection in their home theaters. This is a real pity, because JVC have really stepped up to the plate in 2015 and 2016, making them our preferred choice for the projects where the client does not have budget for the 675ES.



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