Torus Power AVR Series (AVR15+, AVR20, AVR20BAL, AVR60BAL)


High capacity Torus Power isolation transformers with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) for larger systems.

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    About the product


    A clear step up from the entry level TOT AVR, the Torus Power AVR series features a single toriodal isolation transformer in a standard width component style chassis with aluminum faceplate and series mode surge suppression board. The AVR series adds Automatic Voltage Regulation relative to the RM series.

    Torus Power isolation transformers offer the following features:

    •  High Instantanous Current - the toroid stores magnetic energy that power amplifiers and other dynamic loads can draw on to provide higher current delivery than the wall
    • Noise Filtration - Narrow Band Technology (NBT) uses the toriod as a low pass filter, reducing powerline noise from 2kHz to 1mHz with an attenuation rate of 12dB/decade to >1mHz
    • Eliminates surges - Series Mode Surge Supression (SMSS) clamps surges to 2V above peak voltage

    The AVR series also features:

    • Steady 120V output - Automatic Voltage Regulation technology keeps output voltage at 120V +/- 5V
    • Front panel display showing input and output voltage and current draw
    • Automatic shut down in the event of a potentially damaging over (>135V) or under (<85V) voltage condition

    The AVR series includes models from 15A to 100A capacity, but our favorite models are the following:

    • AVR15+ - 15A capacity, 10 outlets. Increased current headroom and reduced audible noise relative to the AVR15
    • AVR20 - 20A capacity, 10 outlets. Requires 20A electrical circuit.
    • AVR20BAL - 20A capacity, 10 outlets. This model features a 240V input that halves input side current draw requirements for same output current and provides additional common mode noise cancellation. Input Voltage also available at 208V for BAL products feeding from a 3 phase system.
    • AVR60BAL - 60A capacity, 18 outlets. This model couples the 240V input with three separate output windings on the transformer, providing increased electrical separation between components (e.g. digital, analog, amplification).
    The RM series is available with three faceplate options: black, silver or rack mount.


    • Standard width chassis
    • Front panel display
    • Multiple medical grade outlets
    • Detachable IEC power cord
    • 5 year warranty
    • Made in Canada

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