Trinnov Altitude 32 Pre-Pro



The only game in town for high channel count immersive audio.

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About the product


Trinnov's Altitude32 is the only pre-pro on the market that can render Dolby Atmos to over 11 channels, with support for layouts up to 32 channels. DTS.X is currently limited to 11 channels.

Available in version with 8, 16, 24 and 32 channels of output, the Altitude32's DSP power is extensive, and includes Trinnov's proprietary speaker remapping and room optimization functionality, as well as crossovers for active speakers.

The Altitude32 is a complex beast, and almost every parameter about it can be tweaked. This is good, because you can really dial it in for your room and system...but also bad, because setup takes quite a while!


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