Make your room look and function its best with a comprehensive Lighting Design

Many neglect it, but lighting design should be a core element of your room design. With our help, you’ll know how many lights to have, where to put them and how to control them. As a result, your room will look fantastic, and you’ll have the flexibility to use it in any way you choose.

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An engineering-led approach to lighting design resolves many issues, including:

  • Accidents from people tripping due to lack of path/step lighting.
  • Insufficient light for tasks such as reading, putting on a record, or room cleaning.
  • The overhead light in the wrong places washing out projection screens.

We stop you:

  • Relying on an architect, interior designer, or builder for your lighting design, who likely has limited expertise in the varied lighting design requirements for listening rooms, home theaters, and home recording studios.
  • Wishing you’d put more thought and effort into the lighting design - it’s a very difficult and expensive thing to change later.

The Issues We Solve Through Lighting Design

The Benefits Of Lighting Design

  • The room is an enjoyable, inspiring place to be in and is lovely to look at.
  • Flexibility for all room usage scenarios, such as movie watching, sports, intermission, recording, reading, listening, or cleaning.
  • Full control over ambient lighting inside the room, allowing blackout even during the day.

What’s Included?

Acoustic Frontiers’ Lighting Design service is a comprehensive, engineering-based approach to creating optimal lighting for your listening room, home theater, or home recording studio. 

Our designs include careful 3D CAD modeling of lighting fixture placement, beam angles, gimbal angles, lumen output, and trim choice to engineer the lighting plan properly. 

Designs typically feature:

  • General lighting for cleaning, room set-up/tear-down, etc
  • Accent lighting to highlight architectural features in the room, such as the projection screen, speakers, columns, and instruments.
  • Task lighting over seats, desks, and equipment racks.
  • Step and pathway lighting.
  • Uplighting for coves or tiered ceilings.
  • Shading to control ambient light.
  • Multiple circuits to allow easy control over lighting levels in different parts of the room.

The documentation provided illustrates:

  • Lighting fixture list/schedule, including fixture name, beam pattern, trim, and other key details.
  • CAD drawings showing fixture placement, both plan and elevation.
  • Lighting circuits, showing how the fixtures are divided up into groups for control.
  • Lighting controls, including switches, dimmers, and keypads and details on integrating the lighting with the audio/video control system.

Creating A System You Love Shouldn't Be Difficult

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We'll take the time to understand your unique needs and goals to customize our approach to designing the best audio experience for you.



This is where the magic happens and what really makes Acoustic Frontiers stand out. Every room is different, and we’ll account for all the elements that impact audio-video performance in your space to ensure you get the best performing system for your budget.



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You deserve the best, and now you’ve got it. Put on your favorite movie or album, or create your next track because the system you wanted is yours to enjoy.



This guide teaches you everything you need to know to get the
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What Do Our Clients Think?

“The lighting looks great, and I'm super happy with the way everything turned out. I like the effect of having the soffit lights on most of the time, providing general room illumination with the over seat lights dimmed down to 10%. I'm still playing with the different lighting levels for sports viewing vs. Movies/ TV streaming/etc, but I like the flexibility that the different zones provide.” 


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